What’s Really Important in Baseball and Life

This is a handout that Matt received at his first Division 1 practice. From an unattributed source, it is outstanding advice for any age.


  • Have a can-do attitude
  • Have a “how can I help” attitude
  • Have a “we can win” attitude – think like a winner!
  • NGU – Never Give Up!!
  • When you’re down, you have to get back up
  • When a teammate of your team is down, be an encourager
  • Remember – A winning attitude is contagious, so is a losing attitude
  • It’s your job to stay positive
  • Have a short memory: When you make a mistake, forget it and go on. If your teammate makes a mistake, tell him to forget it. Encourage, encourage, encourage.


  • Always hustle on and off the field
  • Give your best at all times
  • Always be ready – don’t space out
  • Know what the current game situation is at all times


  • Have a hunger to learn
  • Always look the coaches in the eye
  • Listen
  • Change when you need to change – don’t be a “know it all”
  • Look for any opportunity to learn


  • Be a gentleman/lady
  • Never argue with an umpire, respectfully let him know what your thoughts are
  • No temper tantrums
  • Show good sportsmanship
  • Show respect to your teammates, your opponents and your coaches
  • Be Honorable


  • Take control of your life, be responsible for everything that “happens” to you
  • Organize your gear at home so you are ready to go
  • Practice regularly. Don’t waste time
  • Be Dependable
  • Be Consistent
  • Know that your team is counting on You
  • Have Poise: Be cool, never let them see you sweat

One thought on “What’s Really Important in Baseball and Life

  1. These are great principles to guide a team. What I have been able to gather in 20 years of baseball is that what separates a truly successful coach from an average one is their ability to communicate these values to a point where the players can apply them in the game.

    Very difficult, but worth all the effort.

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