Last Game of the 2008 Year

The Cubs lost its final game to a dominant team, but it was a fine Indian Summer day and nothing is better than playing baseball in the sun.

Sunday 10/26: Cubs lose to Cardinals 8-1

Tough game again with the Cardinals scoring early and often. Bobby pitched four good innings allowing only 1 run with 6 strikeouts. Eric and Matt each had 2 strikeouts in one inning each but the Cardinals’ bats were alive and kicking. Jonathan hit an RBI double, bobby clubbed two singles and Madhav drilled a single down the first base line. Not a lot of offense against strong Cardinals pitching. 

The boys had a great season and a lot of fun, which is the most important thing. Check out Matt’s stats under DirtDog Sports Links at to see how this wood bat season compared with his other seasons for 2008. Now it’s time for basketball.


Smokin’ Joe Blanton!

Congratulations to Joe Blanton, pitcher for the Phillies who led his team to a 10-2 win over the Rays last night. He must have been channeling Babe Ruth because not only was he dominant on the mound, he also hit a screaming home run which was only the 14th World Series homer by a pitcher in MLB history and the first since 1974! Although I’m a natural Boston Red Sox fan, I’ve always liked the National League for its style of baseball including the pitcher hitting in the line-up. I think it’s more well-rounded and true to the roots of the game. There’s nothing like watching a talented player get the job done both on the mound and at the plate.

Game Updates 10/18-10/19

The Cubs lost both games this weekend in very cold weather. More bats are breaking than ever including 3 in one game alone!

Friday 10/18: Cubs fall to Rockies 4-2

Unbelievably well-pitched game by Matt who struck out 11 of 15 batters in 4 no-hit innings of work, collecting his 100th strikeout for 2008! Unfortunately the Cubs bats weren’t working and the Rockies came back against the Cubs relief and pulled out a win from behind.

Saturday 10/19: Cubs lose to Marlins 15-7

Tough game with the Marlins scoring early and often. Final proof that in wood bat leagues good pitching absolutely beats good hitting. Unfortunately the Cubs didn’t have the pitching this game. Jonathan came out strong with 3 doubles, joined by Eric, Lucas and Madhav hitting for extra bases once each. Singles by Ben, Kile, Matt and Eric. Matt scored twice and Eric drove in 3 RBI’s.</p>

Game Updates 10/10-10/11

The Cubs again won their games this weekend, clinching both in the last inning with incredible come-from-behind victories.  Never give up, never give in!

Friday 10/10: Cubs climb over Rockies 12-11

No write-up on this one since I had to miss it due to work and the Columbus Day weekend has kept us busy, but “Nuf Ced.”

Saturday 10/11: Cubs clip wings of Angels 10-9

Great game with Bobby pitching 3 innings, earning 7 strike-outs while giving up 7 hits including one triple. Eric closed out the last 3 innings with 8 strike-outs. Once again the Cubs bats kept the game interesting with Bobby scoring 3 runs, Kile, Eric & Raghav scoring 2 runs each and Matt scoring 1 run. The heavy artillery rained doubles on the Angels with Bobby and Eric clubbing 2 apiece. and both Lucas and Raghav also taking extra bases. Kile, Matt & Robert each contributed clutch singles to the mix & pulled out the victory in the 6th inning.

Game Updates 10/4-10/5

The Cubs won both games this weekend in VERY chilly weather. The bats continue to break, and make for good firewood given the temperatures in the Boston area!

Saturday 10/4: Cubs Beat Red Sox 10-7

The Cubs came from behind to nip the Red Sox after trailing 5-3 through the first 2 innings. Matt hit 3 for 3 with 2 singles and a double, scoring 3 times. Eric also hit 3 for 3 with 3 singles and both Bobby and Lucas hit 2 for 3.  Jonathan hit a towering double that nearly left the park as a home run, and Ben came home to score after unbelievably stretching a single into 3 extra bases by capitalizing on errors. Dominant pitching by Bobby over 3 innings kept the Red Sox bats quiet with 9 strikeouts and only 1 additional run scored in the 5th inning.

Sunday 10/5: Cubs Fold White Sox 7-3

Great game which was scoreless until the 4th inning. Matt was starting pitcher for the first 3 innings, allowing only 1 hit and striking out 6. Madhav, Jonathan and Eric wrapped up the game, striking out 9 more and allowing only 3 runs. In the meantime, the Cubs bats kept the heat on with Matt hitting 3 for 3 with 3 singles & 2 runs scored and Bobby hitting 3 for 3 with 2 singles, a double and 2 runs. Raghav, Kile and Robert also got key hits and scored runs with great heads-up baserunning.

Game Updates 9/20-9/21

Another exciting weekend! The Cubs lost a close game on Saturday and we beat an undefeated team on Sunday. Glad to see a lot of smiles on the kids faces on both days of the weekend, which is the most important thing of all.

Saturday 9/20: Cubs Lose to Nationals 6-3

The Cubs lost to the Nationals in a game that proves good pitching beats good hitting in wood bat play at this level. Matt hit 2 for 2 and Bobby hit 2 for 3 with singles. Kile and Eric also got hits and moved runners over. Matt was basepath pirate of the night with 5 stolen bases.

Sunday 9/12: Cubs Hook Marlins 8-3

Great game. The Marlins are no longer undefeated! Great pitching and our bats came alive. Madhav and Raghav both got their first hits. Bennett is coming around as well with some good at bats, making good contact and fighting for the walk. This was the night for Matt to finally break a bat. Bobby earned the win with great pitching and 8 strikeouts over 4 innings while Matt closed out the save with 4 strikeouts over 2 innings.

We were rained out last weekend and have games both Saturday and Sunday coming up. Stay tuned…