Off-Season Rehab Throwing Program Stage #3

Matt’s supervised, off-season rehab throwing program continues. Here is a video of Cole Hamels (LHP Philadelphia Phillies) who has an arm-slot similar to Matt’s so that Matt can compare and continue focus on areas for mechanical improvement:

  • As soon as Hamels breaks, he doesn’t lunge or “jump” at the catcher. He stays on his back leg and drives far out and down the mound. Matt needs to get his stride further out (work on flexibility with the Tuff Cuff program will help).
  • Hamels waits till the last possible second to clear his hips. He stays closed until its time to fire through. Matt spins open way to early, and needs to keep coiled longer and drive over top of his front leg instead of spinning out.
  • His front side! Hamels uses his glove side arm to guide him to the plate, and when hes ready to drive, he tucks it tight to his side… Matt sometimes pulls the glove away from his side. He needs to keep it strong and rip it right to his side.

Stage #3 (Perform 3x per week with at least 1 day off in between)

Start session with drills to warm-up. Also use resistance bands.

Warmups at 30 feet: 5 throws facing partner, 5 scap pinch throws, 5 slow follow-thru, 5 one knee.

10 throws at 45 feet: Alternating figure eights and step-backs. (WIDE stride on figure eights and LONG stride on step-backs)

10 throws at 60 feet: 3-hop step-backs focusing on longer stride driving off back side, keeping strong front side driving over top of front leg, and aggressive tight glove tuck.

10 throws at 75 feet: Step-backs alternated with 3-hop step-backs.

10 throws at 90 feet: Back facing partner, big aggressive hops back.

5 light throws at 60 feet: Feel out your mechanics and work on the areas of focus.

Note on driving out and down the mound:

  • Push off the rubber at peak leg lift (when the side of the pivot
    foot is against the rubber) with a small, sideways push performed by the hip abductor to initiate movement. This will create momentum while the hip is still closed.

Finish with sleeper stretch and forearm stretch.