DeMarini Bat Problem

During tonight’s Angels game I experienced my first problem with a DeMarini baseball bat. The bat in question was a brand-new Black Coyote model, which dented TWICE on successive line-drive hits and now looks like something someone took to a sign-post. Unbelievable!

Never have I seen a bat dent like that, especially when the weather was around 80 degrees so there was none of the “cold weather factor” involved (theoretically if the temperature is below 60 degrees, baseballs become more dense and are therefore more likely to dent non-wood bats). Also, while these players are good, they are still only 12-13 years old and not Big Papi.

I am also surprised since I thought DeMarini had a good reputation for both quality and performance. Haven’t had similar issues (yet) with other DeMarini bats but I wanted to throw this out there for other readers to comment on. Another word for the wise: WHENEVER buying a non-wood bat, SAVE YOUR RECIEPT FOR 1 YEAR! In my experience, I did not happen to save it and so was thrown out at first in my attempt to get a replacement. As many bat purchases are made via the internet, please consult the manufacturer’s return/replacement policy BEFORE buying since you could obtain a new bat from a non-authorized reseller and also be caught foul.

Let me know your thoughts.


11 thoughts on “DeMarini Bat Problem

  1. Last night during my sons baseball practice we experienced the same problem. The bat was also a brand-new DeMarini Black Coyote model. He hit a line drive and not only did it severley dent the bat it literally bent. It’s crazy. Perfect weather, nice hit and a bent bat-ugh.

    I just bought the bat this past weekend and this is only his third time using it thank goodness I kept my receipt. Lets see if they honor their warranty.

    • Hi Elizabeth:
      Good thing you have the receipt. If I were you, I would ask for a different model bat if they will give you one. My guess is that the walls on this bat are very thin & it’s not their best. If you get a straight replacement the same thing may happen again.

      Good Luck!

  2. My son bought a Demarini yesterday and used it tonight in a game. Using this bat, he hit three hard grounders. After the game I noticed the bat has a lot of dents around and on the”sweet spot.” This is absolutely unacceptable. What’s going on with this company? Why are they allowing such poor quality bats to hit the market while obviously there are some major problems with the bat’s construction?

    • Hi TW:
      Very sorry to hear about your experience. Can you tell me which model bat your son was using? I ask because you can see here on the site that there are others including myself who have had problems with the Black Coyote, but my son has used many other models for several years with no problems at all. If the bat was purchased yesterday, hopefully you still have the receipt and can contact DeMarini for warranty coverage. However, I would avoid the same model you already had a problem with. I think the low-end single-walled models are the culprits, which are usually available in discount-style big box stores like Wal-Mart, KMart and Target.

      Looking forward to hearing from you,

  3. Had the same problem. Bought my son a Demarini Black Coyote 29″ 18oz bat last week. After the second use in practice it has one huge dent and one smaller dent, probably hit about 30 balls in all. These are pitched fairly slow pace by the coach, definitely under 40mph and my son doesn’t usually hit much past the infielders. I have my receipt and just sent in the warranty info on the Demarini website. Probably will cost me shipping to return the useless (once dented they cannot be used in games per the league rules) piece of metal – not happy about that.

  4. I just had the same thing happen with the Black Coyote, 31in 20oz first practice 10 year olds hitting live pitching from me with 65% weather and 3 dents I paid 30.00 and got the return ok but live in PA. and was told by the UPS Store 18.00 to send it back, they need to do something because I will never buy another one of there bats and won’t pay 18.00 to send it back, asked that a supervisor call me back.

    My son loved hitting with this bat, it had a lot of pop and didn’t sting his hands, but it is not right.

  5. I also have a problem with a DeMarini bat denting. It is a DeMarini Rumble, my son is 10 and DeMarini told me the bat is for beginners and the replacement they would send out will do the same thing. But thats if I had my receipt. The bat says its for Little League, it doesnt say its for wiffle balls. I will NOT be buying DeMarini anything if they sell junk like this.

  6. My son’s Black Coyote dented too. I went back to Models but they would not credit me without a receipt. Unfortunately this d=far into the season there were no other brand of bat his size so I purchased another Dimarini, a DX2-11 and it also dented after only a few hits. Not big hits…just past the infield. DeMarini must not be living up to their standards for on the youth bats.

  7. My 11yr. old daughter has cracked a cf6 ( when she was ten) and a cf8. Demarini replaced her cf6 with a cf8 which was awesome……but not so fast!!! They sent the cf8 with a no replacement etched in the bat. I called to get the cf8 replaced after she cracked it during a game ( in less than a year of having it! The second one mind you!) and received a claim number, and asked if she wanted the same size…blah, blah, blah. Then after sending bat back and waiting several weeks, I had to send an email requesting the status, only to get a reply saying they won’t send a replacement for the replacement because of there one time only bat replacement! My question is then why give me a claim number and have me waste my time and money sending it if they seen I already had it replaced once. Answer….as stated by Lucas ” There are certain situations where they will replace a replacement”! I guess a softball player under age 12 that cracks two of the supposedly best brand bats in the sport doesn’t qualify!! BE CAREFUL BUYING DEMARINI!! YOU MAY NOT BE GETTING THE QUALITY YOU SHOULD EXPECT IN A EXPENSIVE BAT!! In my opinion a $400.00 bat should at least last a year! THAT HASN’T BEEN OUR EXPERIENCE PEOPLE!!

  8. My 11 year old daughter broke her CF8 tonight. It was almost 2 years old . I know there isn’t warranty but wouldn’t think an 11 year old could break a bat. Was planning to hand it down this year to younger girls to use .

  9. I had 2 daughters with cf6s and they broke about the same time. Sent them both in and they replaced them with cf8s. We have had them both for under 8 months and today my 16 showed me that her bat felt longer. While inspecting I found the handle is breaking away from the barrel. It also has no replacement sramped in handle. Has anyone had luck getting a warranty or have had the same issue.

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