By its very nature, athletic development is an endless process of evolution which must include the whole person in Body, Mind and Spirit. Just as a three-legged stool cannot support itself if one leg is missing, an athlete will not be balanced or successful if they do not apply equal effort to developing each of these dimensions of themselves.

In the postings on Development you will find articles focused on each of these aspects of a baseball and softball player’s being:

BODY: Topics related to building and supporting the physical abilities required in baseball including Skills & Drills, Strength & Conditioning, Nutrition, Injury Management, Rehabilitiation, Training Equipment and Game Gear.

MIND: Topics related to the mental aspects of baseball including Situations, Calling the Play, Strategy and Mind Games.

SPIRIT: Topics related to the motivational side of baseball player preparation including Character, Appearance, Sportsmanship, Spirituality, Confidence and Visualization for Success.

Contributors are welcomed and invited to submit articles at any time!

Work = Force x Distance

Work out like a Viking!

Matt with Chad Rodgers, 2012



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