Great Gear #4: PyroFlite Bat Warmer

Since it is early Spring and only the hardiest players are already out on the diamonds in New England, here is Great Gear Recommendation #4: PyroFlite Bat Warmer by BK Enterprises. This is absolutely a product guaranteed to warm the cockles of your heart if you have expensive bats and also play baseball or softball in cold weather.

I recently purchased one of these once I knew that the Dirt Dogs were going to be playing in the Early Spring Fling Classic  in late March in Rhode Island, and I have to say from experience that it not only keeps bats warm, but hot dogs as well!

The PyroFlite Bat Warmer is #1 in the world since 1999, and should be considered a critical piece of game gear for anyone playing baseball or softball in cold weather who wants to protect their high-performance bats from damage and their hands from excessive vibration and cold-weather sting.

The PyroFlite Bat Warmer is an insulated 24” x 8” bag constructed of durable black nylon fabric and insulated with thick layers of high-density foam. Also attached is a nylon strap carry handle with hook for hanging on chain-link fencing. Strapped inside is a 11” x 7” removable, microwaveable heating pad. Simply place this reusable Microcore Heating Element directly in a microwave oven for a few minutes, insert inside the carrier and zip closed around your favorite bat!

PyroFlite Bat Warmer, Inside View

The PyroFlite warmer works with both wooden bats (30-40 minute heating time) and non-wood (metal or composite) bats (just 10 minutes heating time), and keeps them warm to temperatures well above 70 degrees Farenheit in freezing outdoor conditions for at least 4-6 hours. This ensures that bats retain their optimum flexibility at the manufacturer’s recommended temperature and helps prevent cracking or denting while giving the player greater hitting consistency in the most hostile cold-weather conditions.

With good wooden bats costing more than $70 and non-wood models costing anywhere up to $400, for about $40 you can’t beat the insurance this product provides in terms of protecting your investment in high-performance sports gear. It also gives any player extra confidence and a real performance advantage in cold weather.

To Order:

Follow this link to learn more and order a PyroFlite Bat Warmer for your favorite Dirt Dog:

As always, DirtDog Baseball receives no promotional renumeration or consideration for making Great Gear Recommendations. All products recommended here are strictly based on first-hand experience.


Frozen Dirt Dogs

OK, here is the kick-off post for this year’s Season Updates and right now I’m still waiting for my fingers to thaw without permanent damage. The Early Spring Fling Classic was played on multiple fields all over the vicinity of greater Providence, RI this past weekend. It is said that “Baseball Builds Character.” Truer words were never spoken. In my personal observation, the only thing “flinging” at this tourney were the vehicle doors of the intrepid parents who faithfully shuttled their kids and then found shelter in their cars  to watch the Boys of Winter  play on a frozen tundra. 

If you’re a “40-something” like me, you can well appreciate the old claymation story about Santa Klaus that shows up on network TV every Christmas-time featuring the Postman, the half-track Postal Service delivery vehicle (wish they actually used something like that today) , the innocent, adorable Ginger-kid who is Kris Kringle, and the hoary/scary Father Winter (or Jack Frost)  who threatens the whole deal.

Let me just say this: It was SO cold, that the Dirt Dogs arrived for their assigned game start to find a 1-hour game delay due to field conditions because the temperature finally rose above freezing enough to let the ice turn to water & thus be treatable by DiamondDri/SpeediDri and a grounds crew of 14. Nuf Ced.

The Dirt Dogs played all three games of the placement round in these type conditions, which regardless of the tourney sponsorship were controlled by Father Winter who roared and did his best between wind chill and air temperature to shut down all contenders. Regular readers on this site know my personal involvement in the law enforcement profession. Let it just be said that I needed to properly outfit myself for a sub-freezing  outdoor assignment in order to persevere as an uncomfortable observer. I can honestly say that Matt has never before played baseball in such a hostile outdoor environment, despite playing Fall Ball until Halloween for the past 3 years.

The 12U North East Baseball Dirt Dogs are a start-up team this year, and they were properly served notice by experienced teams from established programs (NH Redhawks and RI Rays) during their 1st and 3rd games at a score of 10-1 and 13-2 respectively. The Dirt Dogs offense was led by Scott C. who stroked 2 singles and a double, Nick K. with 2 singles, and Aaron S., Zach S., Matt L., Brad S., Mitch W., and Collin G. all contributing singles during the games.

During the second game, the NEB Dirt Dogs booked a win against the South Shore Indians 6-4 and remained in contention for the playoffs: Matt was starting pitcher and played Kris Kringle as the “Gingah Ninja” by hurling 3 complete innings with 5 K’s while allowing only 4 hits and 2 walks. He commanded ALL of the plate and introduced some of the Indians to what an inside fastball REALLY looks like: Get out of the way, or step into your complimentary wheelchair to First Base as a cripple.

Matt was followed by Mike P. (another LHP) who kept the opposition stymied enough to never capture a lead. Matt took the Win, and Mikey took the Save. Congrats to both for a Southpaw exhibition to warm up the New England frost. On offense, Zach S. put up 2 singles while Aaron S., Jonathan T. and Scott C. scored multiple runs at the top of the order after getting on base with walks and making the Indians pay for their errors.

The best that can be said of this experience is that the boy’s coach proved to be everything I had hoped when we joined the program, and the team overall learned what it already does well and what it also needs to focus work on: Defensively, pitching and basic defensive strategy is key; Offensively, hitting and baserunning strategy on the bigger field needs improvement.  Can’t say enough about Scott Patterson and the North East Baseball program.  The Dogs will shake off the dirt and move on to the real Opening Day game next weekend 4/3. Go NEB Dirt Dogs, and stay tuned…

Eri Yoshida: Next Gen Knuckleballer

Eri Yoshida

Readers of DirtDog Baseball will probably remember the name Eri Yoshida, a young Japanese woman and the first female player drafted by a pro baseball team [Kobe Cruise 9] in Japan two years ago at age 16. Eri’s specialty is the knuckleball, which she learned in part from viewing video of Red Sox pitcher Tim Wakefield and throws sidearm to great effect.