Happy Veteran’s Day!


Dirtdog Baseball salutes all past and current serving members of the United States Armed Forces.

The Art of Baseball: 44 Tips from 44 Pros

1. Show up on time. (For practice and hitting the fastball)

2. Have a dream and make it big.

3. Never underestimate hard work

4. Know what your playing for.

5. Be a good situational hitter.

6. Learn to bunt.

7. Learn to steal signs.

8. Be aggressive on balls in the dirt.

9. Learn to hit to all fields.

10. Get enough rest.

11. Stay away from High-Fructose

12. Realize that baseball is 10% what happens and 90% what you do.

13. Play with passion.

14. Be a team player

15. Focus only on what you can control.

16. Play like a kid.

17. Forget about making errors.

18. Throw strikes.

19. Take pitches.

20. Be aggressive.

21. Work on your speed.

22. Be committed to baseball.

23. Respect the game

24. Forget about girls until the off-season 🙂

25. Hit the ball opposite way.

26. Do yoga.

27. Clean your cleats.

28. Don’t let others use your glove.

29. Be superstitious.

30. Be humble.

31. Sprint on the field.

32. Sprint off the field.

33. Know your teams signs by heart.

34. Be a leader.

35. (For pitchers) learn to field the bunt.

36. Know the situation and what it calls for.

37. Learn to love long bus rides.

38. Enjoy the grind.

39. Except failure and learn rom it.

40. Take pride when walking to the plate.

41. Play each game like it’s your last.

43. Have a favoritehitting drill.

44. Have a favorite player.