DirtDog Baseball is about baseball and softball, fatherhood, coaching and life. In its pages I hope to share what little wisdom and insight I have gained and continue to discover along my journey as a Baseball/Softball Dad and youth baseball coach.

Here it is always June, the sun is warm, the field is freshly mowed and my son and daughter have a gleam in their eyes before toeing the rubber or stepping into the batter’s box. The box score is still empty and full of potential. There are no losers here. Please join me in the shade of the dugout and share the Pastime that reaches across generations.

ESPN, “Baseball Tonight”

This site is a Baseball/Softball Dad’s labor of love, but it’s nothing without the valued contributions of other Dads, Coaches, Players, Baseball/Softball Lovers and their family members who are along for the ride. Please help maintain the field of DirtDog Baseball and toss in your thoughts, comments, suggestions and contributions.

There are many positions on a team, and many voices should be shared here. Questions and comments are always welcome. Thanks in advance for stopping by and playing!


3 thoughts on “About

  1. I like your site and approach; I struggle with my youngest son that loves baseball but at 13 is not getting as competitive and willing to practice as one might think would naturally mature… don’t want to force the issue but motivating the reluctant player is a good article!

  2. I love your site! Getting info from a dad that loves baseball is a perfect forum for the game. You have great articles and I am super glad I found your site.

    My name is Brent Henze and I am a long time high school and youth baseball coach. I have recently started a new web site called http://www.my-youth-baseball.com for the purpose of educating youth baseball coaches, parents and players about drills and strategies that will assist their team in improving their performance on the field.

    It has been my experience that most league coaches are parents trying to do the best they can, but may lack knowledge or expertise in developing young baseball players. At my-youth-baseball.com, I try to give them basic information and strategy that will most certainly aide them in the development of their team.

    I viewed the dirtdogbaseball.wordpress.com site and was quite impressed.

    Brent Henze

    PS – While you are there, be sure to sign up for my free newsletter. The link to sign up is at: http://www.my-youth-baseball.com/youth-baseball-zone.html

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