Off-Season Throwing Program Phase #1

Here is an outline of Matt’s 2011 off-season throwing program which is performed in conjunction with the Tuff Cuff program, individual pitching mechanics training and ongoing strength/conditioning work:

(Perform 3x per week with at least 1 day off in between)

Warmups at 20 feet: 10 wide-stance throws facing partner, 10 one-knee throws.

5 Throws at 30 feet: 5 scap-pinch throws.

20 Throws at 45 feet (ball in back and front, don’t go past front ball): 10 side-stance throws, 10 figure-eight throws.

20 throws at 60 feet: 10 jump-backs, 10 hot-feet

Focus Points

  • Drive off back side, strong front glove side to a tight finish.
  • Stick the finish. NO CHASING! Stick the landing on each throw.
  • Do workout after program.
  • Add light shoulder work in after throwing (stabilizations or light tube work for bloodflow only).
  • There must be a day off in between throwing sessions to continue to progress.