The Ghosts of Summer

The Westford Grey Ghost 16U Lou Tompkins team has started its season with a 1-2 record including a 2-3 loss to Medford, 3-8 loss to Wakefield and 6-5 win over Winchester. A great group of guys coming together and a great opportunity for Matt to play ahead in development for next year’s High School season. Stay tuned for more games this week, weather permitting. Go Ghosts!


Set Goals To Achieve Dreams

Baseball Goal-Setting

•  Professional baseball players set individual-goals & write them down.

•  Youth baseball players should list obtaining college baseball scholarship as primary long-term goal.

•  Performance-goals must be established each year that are attainable in short term.

Functions of Goal-Setting

  Provides direction to focus energy.

•  Provides feedback on progress.

•  Provides valuable source of motivation

Principles of Goal-Setting

•  Emphasize performance & de-emphasize game outcome.

•  Be measurable & specific, as opposed to vague & general.

•  Be challenging & realistic

•  Be stated positively, not negatively.

•  Include short term (daily), intermediate, & long-term (dream-goals)

•  Be explicit & write goals.

10U Waves Reach Semi-Finals at “Summer Showdown” Tourney

The 10U Waves continued to make a big impression in their third tourney of the season, reaching the Semi-Finals out of a field of 10 highly competitive teams at the “Summer Showdown” in Sharon, Mass. Keeping up the pressure on the competition, this scrappy team now has a reputation for winning. Go Waves!

10U Waves Take Championship at “Just Play It” Tourney

10U Waves 2012 “Just Play It” Tourney Champions

The 10U Waves took the championship in their second outing at the “Just Play It” tourney in Nashua, NH!

Playing in their second tournament on the heels of their commanding 2nd Place finish in Franklin, the Waves earned an undefeated 3-0 record and took the “Just Play It” championship.  The girls are on a roll. Go Waves!