Baseball/Softball Wisdom #1 by Mark Brooks


To have Motivation, it requires Action on the part of the baseball/softball player. The baseball player must change the way they think. They must also change the way they eat, sleep, behave, and ultimately live. All in the name of hitting, throwing and fielding a baseball or softball. Become motivated today and play ball!


10U Waves Finish as Champions at 2012 Kingston Invitational

2012 10U Kingston Invitational Tourney Champions

The 10U “Lil” Waves continue their winning run, taking the Championship at the 2012 Kingston Invitational with a complete sweep of games and after being in 1st place at the end of the first day. “NO FREE SLUSH!”

10U Waves Finalists Again at Westford “Summer Splash” Tourney

2012 10U Westford Summer Splash Finalists

The 10U Waves keep on their winning record as Finalists again at their home Westford “Summer Splash” tourney this past weekend! Congratulations once again to all the girls. The 5th tourney in a row where they were semi-finalists, finalists or champions!

Fixing Finger Blisters

Here’s a video from on the subject of preventing and treating finger blisters for baseball players, specifically pitchers. Matt has had this recur on the index finger of his throwing hand for the first time this season. Not sure if it is due to gripping the ball differently, throwing harder, or a combination of both factors. We’ll see how these remedies work…

10U Waves Finish as Finalists at Grafton Invitational

2012 10U Grafton Invitational Finalists

The 10U Waves continued their winning record as Finalists at the Grafton Invitational tourney this weekend! Congratulations to all the girls. The 4th tourney in a row where they were semi-finalists, finalists or champions!

Spring Season’s End

Another pitched complete game win by Matt in the season-ending double-header for North East Baseball, a total of 4 complete games this season.

NEB finished the 2012 Spring Season as the First Place team in the New England Elite Baseball League’s Division II National League East. Matt is the 2012 Division II pitcher Win Leader with a win/loss record of 8-1 and ERA of 1.89. Matt also got the job done with the bat, ending with a .340 AVG and .925 OPS. Now it’s a summer full of 16U HS summer ball!