Pudge Calls Out Sludge

Carleton Fisk, 1984 (Chicago Tribune Photo)

Hall of Fame catcher Carlton “Pudge” Fisk who is well known to Red Sox and White Sox fans alike has weighed in on the Steriods Matter and is sounding refreshingly like someone who should be the next Commissioner of Major League Baseball. Here are a few chestnuts that “Pudge” recently roasted on the open fire in the Chicago Tribune this past week (1/19/10):

“But when you have some of these obscene numbers being put up by people who shouldn’t even be there. … I mean, you know what’s going on. … The people it should have been most obvious to are the people who covered it up by not addressing it.”

You don’t blame people for not ratting them out; you blame the people who abused the pharmaceutical world. It’s not like you are taking a couple of aspirin and you don’t know what’s going on. (Non-prescription steroid use has been) a federal offense for a long time, regardless of whether baseball was recognizing it and putting rules into place. The people who did it … they were breaking the law to start with. It doesn’t have to be a baseball law. They knew what they were doing and the reason they were doing it. Now they are sorry because they are getting called out.”

“(McGwire) says, ‘Well, it doesn’t help eye-and-hand coordination.’ That’s a crock. Well, of course it does. It allows you more acuity physically and mentally and optically. You are going to be stronger and you are going to be better.”

“Try having your knees operated on and catching for 30 years. Do you think you feel good when you go out there? (McGwire) had to stand around and play first base. So excuuuuuse me.”

“The reason (Roger Clemens) got let go from the Red Sox was because he was starting to break down. His last couple of years in Boston just weren’t very productive, a la ‘The Rocket.’ Then all of a sudden he goes to Toronto and he wants to show somebody something. Then he gets two consecutive Cy Young Awards (in ’97 and ’98). Come on, give me a bucket.”

“It’s obvious to players. You notice that stuff. You know how hard it is to play the game. You know how hard it is to be productive at any age, but especially at an older age. You see guys who are as productive later on as they were early (in their careers). It offends guys that stayed clean…”

Now those are true words from a man who loves and respects The Greatest Game. Nuf Ced.


Too Late To Apologize

Well isn’t it special that Mark McGwire finally found the stones (at least what was left of them) to apologize to the world about his past steriod use. Maybe it’s just the skeptical cop in me, but I find it amazingly coincidental that this “confession” happens during the off-season just before he begins a new position with Major League Baseball as a hitting coach for the St. Louis Cardinals. Gee, do you think he’s really finally getting this “off his chest” after so many agonizing years, or is he actually just performing a cynical public Act of Contrition in order to work again in Major League Baseball after having “redeemed” himself from the obvious black cloud over his head?

The smart money says this PR nonsense is not about true repentance but rather about image rehabilitation, especially since McGwire’s last public appearance before Congress in 2005 was all about non-testifying to the obvious truth regarding steriod use in Baseball:  “I’m not here to discuss the past…”

Guess both Selig and La Russa figured that by doing this apology tour he would fool the gullible unwashed. Certainly you can’t have the fans with the money to keep the Enterprise afloat becoming disillusioned with the appointment of an original Steriod Master to “develop” the hitting ability of the Cardinals in 2010.

Well, if nothing else, we now know that there IS crying in baseball after all, even if only crocodile tears. At this point Mark, the time has long passed to talk about the past. You can forget about the Hall of Fame and enjoy your asterisk just like Barry Bonds. Thanks for finally admitting to what the rest of us already knew, but as said by the band Timbaland, now it’s too late to apologize:

You tell me that you’re sorry
Didn’t think I’d turn around and say

That it’s too late to apologize, it’s too late
I said it’s too late to apologize, it’s too late