“We don’t stop playing because we get old, we get old because we stop playing.” –Satchel Paige

This site is a Tribute to all those fathers who with their sons and daughters live baseball and softball as well as play it, and who are men enough to mist up while watching Field of Dreams

Basil Pouledouris, “For Love of the Game”

In the movie The Sandlot there is heard the line “Baseball is Life.” Truer words were never spoken. I share in the rare joy of living in a Baseball/Softball family. The seasons of our years are marked in our family by these sports which are not simply activities, but a way of life itself. Spring brings with it the promise of warm weather, green grass, and an entire new season full of potential, fun and achievement. Summer brings the growth and development of Spring to fruition in All-Star tournaments, scouting showcases and games in fabled places like Doubleday Field in Cooperstown, NY and Perfect Game Park in LakePoint, GA. Fall brings crisp days with the start of school, the fresh smell of wood bats and pine tar in the air and the Fall Classics. Winter brings time for reflection, looking ahead to next year, focused off-season training and some basketball.

When I first was married I had no idea what I was getting into. My wife Liz told me in off-handed fashion that her father and brothers were into baseball. What she didn’t say was they were INTO baseball, or more properly that baseball was into them like some irresistable life-force. Contagious? Absolutely. I also discovered the gifts of baseball and softball can be hereditary when I watched it first begin to take shape in the life of my young son Matt, and then again in the life of my daughter Meredith, who are both a continuing inspiration to watch and coach.

It is to my wife Liz that I especially dedicate these pages, for she is a true Baseball/Softball Mom and without her love and support our lives would be an empty hole in left-center.


My late father-in-law Earl grew up in the care of his grandparents in West York, PA. He played baseball up through college at Gettysburg, graduating in 1954. Years later he would be an award-winning youth baseball coach in Hudson, MA.

My father Al is also a southpaw who played High School baseball in Weymouth, MA. Unfortunately his career as a Varsity pitcher was cut short by a bicycle accident that injured his shoulder. He is the one who first taught me about being a Baseball Dad during my own time playing AAA youth baseball in Lexington, MA.

Uncle Dave & Matt at 2009 Western Mass. Championship

Uncle Tom, Hudson High School 1990

Uncle Tom, Hudson High School 1990

Both of my brothers-in-law Tom and Dave played High School baseball in Hudson, MA. Tom continued to play baseball up through college at Framingham State where he was both a Pitcher and team Captain. Years later he continued to throw heat in an Over-30 Baseball League and mentor his nephew Matt in the fine art of being a left-handed pitcher.

Matt, Littleton Tiger All-Star 2008-2010


Matt, 2013 Freshman Varsity Pitcher

My son Matthew is the next-generation lefty pitcher in the family who is also a switch-hitter. When this blog started years ago, Matt was a Cal Ripken District and State Tournament MVP. His journey has continued through high school as an All-Star varsity and showcase team pitcher including international travel to play in Europe in 2013.

In 2015, Matt was nationally ranked by Perfect Game on their High Follow List for 2016 college recruit prospects and among the Top 10 LHPs in Massachusetts. He has now signed with Franklin Pierce University as a Division II scholarship athlete to play in the Northeast-10 Conference starting 2016.


Matt, 2015 National Ranked All-Star and Franklin Pierce Recruit for 2016

Meanwhile, my daughter Meredith also blazes her own trail as a righty Softball pitcher moving up to High School and playing summer tournament ball with the same instincts for hitting and fielding as her brother.

The adventure continues…


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