Pitcher Self-Assessment by Justin Dehmer


The Importance of Self-Reflection

Self-reflection is key in any area if we want to become better at what we do. It is good to have feedback provided to you from someone else but it much more powerful when the reflection on our performance comes from the person in the mirror. Whether you are a great lawyer, friend, doctor, teacher, coach, parent, they all require us to reflect on what we do and how to make it better the next time. That is the essence of having a growth mindset. Use the following list of 21 questions to have your pitchers self-assess so that they can create purposeful practice between now and their next opportunity to pitch.

  1. Did you have any outside factors stressing you today?
  2. How did your bullpen go before your outing?
  3. Did you let your stress or bullpen performance affect your outing?
  4. How focused were you from pitch to pitch?
  5. If your self-control wasn’t where you wanted it to be how did you refocus?
  6. Did you feel supported by your teammates and coaches today?
  7. How would you rate your mental game today on a scale of 1 to 10?
  8. What were your 4 Command-ment numbers for today?
  9. How do you feel about them?
  10. What was your best pitch today?
  11. What pitch did you use in clutch situations?
  12. Did you pitch with a specific pattern in mind or plan for specific hitters?
  13. Was the first pitch used too often?
  14. What pitch was hit the hardest?
  15. Which pitch did you struggle with for command the most?
  16. Were you able to spot your pitches where you wanted?
  17. What things will you work on between now and the next time you pitch?
  18. What specific drills will you use to help your progress?
  19. What are your goals (process oriented) for your next outing? (4 Command-ments-based)
  20. What was your rose, thorn, and bud from today?
  21. If you could meet anyone and eat dinner with him or her, who would it be?

These questions can be condensed, combined, or cut out all together. That is up to you. The key is that most pitchers don’t self-reflect in a proactive way. They let a bad outing stir and build-up without analyzing their performance critically with a growth mindset. These questions can start that process toward getting better and setting a plan of action for the future.

Play for the Present!

Coach Justin Dehmer