6 Critical Qualities of a Team Captain

Commitment Continuum arrow w_title

The best captains and team leaders have the following top 6 critical qualities which fall on the “Committed” and “Compelled” levels of the Commitment Continuum pictured above:

  1. The Best Captains are the Hardest Workers: The best leaders are the team’s hardest workers. They invest fully in whatever they do whether it is practice, weights, conditioning or competition.
  2. The Best Captains Encourage their teammates: Instead of being all about themselves, they consciously connect with and help take their team to a higher level. They encourage hard work, build confidence and keep going when times are tough.
  3. The Best Captains are Honest and Trustworthy: The best leaders keep it real. They are honest with coaches and teammates and earn a deep sense of trust. Because being trustworthy is one of the most important traits of a leader, the best captains work hard to earn and maintain trust and respect.
  4. The Best Captains Respect Others: Along with honest and trust, the best leaders are high character people. They treat their teammates, coaches, opponents and officials with respect, even when they disagree with their decisions. They seek to help, uplift and serve their teammates.
  5. The Best Captains Care Passionately: The best leaders care passionately about the team’s success, their teammates, and their sport. They love the game and bring passion to everything they do. They play their sport because they absolutely love it. They are the first ones to arrive at practices and workouts, and the last ones to leave because they invest so much in the program.
  6. The Best Captains are Relentlessly Competitive and Compelled to Win: The #1 trait that consistently comes through in the best leaders is that they are highly competitive people. Winning is a big priority for them and they invest the necessary time and energy to maximize the team’s chances of winning. They bring a sense of urgency to competitions as well as workouts because they are fully committed to and serious about success.

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