Hey Blue, Check Your Fly!

No doubt if you read this blog, you have heard about the debacle that occurred during the 1-game Wildcard playoff this year between the Atlanta Braves and the St. Louis Cardinals. Never mind the absurdities of the Wild Card expansion and the silliness of leaving a team’s entire season fortunes to the results of a single game, in this case it is apparent that the NFL replacement refs found continued employment with Major League Baseball. I have listened to arguments defending this call which approach the complexity of Canon Law. Not at all interested. From the point of view of this common man, an infielder who back-pedals halfway into the outfield does NOT demonstrate a ball “easily caught.” Nuf Ced. In a twist of irony, Chipper Jones had this experience to close out his career with the Braves after accurately predicting that the 1-game playoff process would prove to be an injustice for this exact reason. What say you?


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