Visualize Your Success

When Hank Aron was asked,”what was the secret to your success?”, he simply replied……”VISUALIZATION”.

Here is a quick visualization exercise that is guaranteed to help make you a more confident hitter in less than one minute:

  1. Close your eyes, and then take 5 slow, very deep breaths – down deep in your belly. Feel your breath coming in and going out as you take them. With each breath, relax your forehead, jaw, shoulders, back, legs…
  2. Pause at the end of the 5 breaths, and rest without breathing for 15-20 seconds. Just stay focused on the feeling in your relaxing body…
  3. Start breathing normally again, and keep your eyes closed. Now make a picture in your mind of you being the best hitter on your team. Really feel how that would feel. Imagine the way your teammates perceive you. How the coaches respect you, and how the scouts are interested in your projection. Imagine how great it is to hit the ball hard to all fields. What sounds do you hear? What smells?
  4. Have you grabbed that feeling yet? Great! Now keep your eyes closed and let that feeling stay for 5 seconds. Give it a color. What color is it? Now amplify it!

If you do this exercise regularly  you will notice one thing: You can create unbreakable confidence by using visualization skills to help get the feeling of being successful. The “Law of Attraction” means this also increases the chances of that success actually happening.

Work on it and Play Ball!


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