Off-Season Throwing Program Phase #3

(Perform 2x per week with 2 days of back-to-back throwing using long-toss one day and simple catch the second day with a goal of staying loose)

Warmups at 20 feet: 5 wide-stance throws facing partner, 5 scap-pinch throws, 10 one-knee throws.

45 feet (ball in back and front, don’t go past front ball): 10 wide-stance throws.

15 throws at 60 feet: 15 step-ins paired with cross behind to balance (alternate the two).

90 feet: 10 step-backs.

105 feet: 8 back-pedals.

Pull-Downs to 60 feet: slowly bring it back in for a 15-pitch flat ground at 75% effort all pitches.

Focus Points

  • Increase arm strength gradually.
  • Continue developing consistent arm slot, keeping front side strong and tight throughout delivery.
  • Do workout after program.
  • Add light shoulder work in after throwing (stabilizations or light tube work for bloodflow only).
  • There must be a day off in between double-throwing sessions to continue to progress.

Watch CJ Wilson’s front side = consistent arm-slot delivery here:


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