Nothing Changes New Years’ Day

Happy New Year to all DirtDog readers! Just a note from the Clubhouse to remind all that in the words of U2, “Nothing changes on New Years’ Day:”

If you haven’t already started an off-season training program to get ready for the Spring season, you had better get off the bench and move it because there is no time to waste. April 1st is now only 3 months (12 weeks) away, and you need to use every bit of that time from now on to condition your core and maximize your strength. There are plenty of resources on DirtDog Baeball that can help get you going.

If you are planning on playing school ball at either the Jr. Varsity or Varsity level, head’s up! In addition to hitting the schoolwork hard when you get back from vacation, you should be attending winter work-outs to prepare for school team tryouts, regularly using an indoor baseball facility if not living in a warm weather state, and attending holiday baseball camps (including at your preferred future college if possible). Also, you need to be looking ahead and doing the following depending on your grade level:

9th Grade

  • Send initial contact letter to preferred college baseball programs.
  • Student-athlete & family allowed to visit preferred colleges at own expense.

10th Grade

  • Student-athlete & family allowed to visit preferred colleges at own expense.
  • Send follow up letters & spring schedule to college coaches.

11th Grade

  • Student-athlete & family allowed to schedule unofficial visits to preferred colleges at own expense.
  • Research NCAA admission & eligibility requirements.
  • Send follow-up letter & spring schedule┬áto college coaches.
  • Take un-official visits to preferred colleges.

12th Grade

  • Send follow-up letters to college coaches. (Include spring schedule).
  • Make un-official visits to preferred colleges, paid by family.
  • Take college prep courses.
  • Narrow down preferred school list.
  • Plan to take official visits (5 allowed) when offered by college coaches.
  • Official visits permitted after 1st┬áday of class of senior year.
  • Student-athlete & family should assess financial costs for college.
  • Apply for Financial Aid.
  • Request official transcript, GPA, & class rank from guidance counselor.
  • Complete applications & write essays early to allow time for editing & mailing before deadlines

Remember, the harder you work, the luckier you get. This is true in all aspects of your life including athletics. Don’t spend your time sitting on your butt and patting yourself on the back for what you have already accomplished, always keep looking forward to the next goal you want to achieve. Then go and bust your ass for it.

Happy New Year, Best of Luck!


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