Play Infield Like a Dirtdog

Here are 9 tips for becoming a better infielder:

1. Know the situation (Where to throw it and why.) and get into an athletic position
while ‘shading the hitter based on the pitch and the batter.
2. Assume the “ready position” when the pitcher releases the ball.
3. Run or shuffle feet to get in front of ground ball.
4. Count the hops.
5. Stay low with glove outstretched and elbow slightly flexed. Field from the
ground, up.
6. Move through the ball as you field it. (Don’t stop moving your feet.)
7. Keep feet moving while getting into the throwing position.
8. Throw with a 4-seam grip.
9. Walk behind the ball after your throw. (Throw low and hard.)

Good Luck and Play Ball!


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