Off-Season Rehab Throwing Program Stage #2

Here is an outline of Matt’s supervised, off-season rehab throwing program which is performed in conjunction with the Tuff Cuff program, individual pitching mechanics training and strength/conditioning work:


  • A detailed throwing program to build Matt’s arm to meet the demands of a long spring and summer of pitching.
  • Each week we will add more volume and further distances: When he can air it out for a bunch of throws into the net without fatigue or pain, then he will begin throwing from the mound again.
  • There must be a day off in between throwing sessions to continue to progress.

Stage #2(Perform 2x per week with at least 1 day off in between)

Warmups at 30 feet: 5 throws facing partner, 5 scap pinch throws, 5 slow follow-thru, 5 one knee.

15 throws at 45 feet: 5 figure eights, 5 wide stride leg stays, 5 wide stride leg follow-thru.

15 throws at 60 feet: 5 hot feet, 5 step backs, 5 step behinds to balance

  • Focus on driving off back side, and keeping a strong front side to an
    aggressive tight glove tuck
  • Remember to push hard over your front leg, no “flying out”!

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