Make the Call #2

Here’s the next installment of Make the Call, where you can test your baseball knowledge and decide how game situations should be handled. Answers to installment #1 are found at the bottom of this post.

1. There are runners on first and third, with one out. A line drive is hit to left and the left fielder makes the catch coming in on it for the second out. Meanwhile, the runner on third broke for home before the ball was caught and is still trying to get back. What should the left fielder do?

  • A. Get the ball back into second
  • B. Hit the cut-off man (shortstop)
  • C. Run the ball back into the infield to avoid a bad throw
  • D. Make a good throw to the third baseman, who simply has to step on the bag for a double-play.

2. You are the right fielder and a routine ground ball is hit toward the first baseman. What, if anything, do you need to do?

  • A. Shout encouragement to the first baseman because you know that will give him confidence
  • B. It depends on what inning it is and the score
  • C. Since it is a routine ground ball, you don’t have to do anything
  • D. Assume that the first baseman will miss the ball and come in to back him up.

3. A fly ball is hit down the third base line. You are the left fielder and are standing in foul territory trying to make the catch. The wind blows the ball back into fair territory, but as the ball hits your glove and falls to the ground, you are still in foul territory. True or False: Even though the ball fell fair, since you touched it while standing in foul territory, the ball is a foul ball.

4. There are runners on first and second base, there are no outs, and you are the center fielder. The batter hits a line drive toward you and you catch it on one hop. True or False: Since the ball that was hit is a single, the force play at the bases is no longer in effect.

5. In the first inning a ball is hit over your head in right field and you have gone back and picked it up. There are two outs and a runner on second. Who should you be looking for?

  • A. Look for your coach, he will tell you where to throw it
  • B. Look for the relay man who will be the second baseman
  • C. Look to see where the runner is and then quickly decide where to throw the ball
  • D. Throw the ball home, because the runner from second will probably be trying to score



1. The ball is FOUL.

2. The infield fly rule is the First Out. The ball hits a baserunner for the Second Out. One of the baserunners overlaps another runner for the Third Out.

3. False: If both fielders can catch the ball, the center fielder should take charge and call for it.

4. C – The left fielder: In this situation the outfielder should call off the infielder and take charge.

5. False: Just like an infielder, pick the ball up with your bare hand if it is NOT moving. It better ensures you will actually pick it up on the first try, and you won’t waste time with a transfer to your throwing hand.

Congratulations to Stratomaticfan who gets DirtDog honors with an average of .800 after coming out very strong in their last appearance. Keep it up!


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