The Final Season

It has been more than a month since Matt first went on the Disabled List with a stress injury to the growth plate in his throwing arm. The 12U North East Baseball season wrapped up with a wimper rather than a bang, since the team was not the same after the injuries of both Matt and Rohit greatly reduced the pitching rotation and the batting order was also not the same. Matt continued to support the team from the bench, hopeful that his arm would recover in enough time to join the roster of the 12U Littleton All-Star Tigers for their final year in the Cal Ripken District and State Tournament series.

After a week of practices including attempts to throw right-handed instead of his natural left, Matt’s arm rebelled and became painful once again. He has been continued on the Disabled List at the order of the orthopedist for a minimum of another 2-4 weeks, which effectively removes him from play during the Tiger’s final season. Again, Matt will support the team from the bench rather than the field, which is a bitter disappointment for Matt and a loss for the entire team. But team-work and sportsmanship mean more than just showing up when it’s your time to play. The good news from the orthopedist is that this injury is a common one among young, competitive baseball players and is only due to the combination of the growth stage of Matt’s body combined with the stress of playing on the bigger field. Next season should be a different story.

The 12U Littleton All-Star Tigers will take the field in the Mass. District 3 Championship games to be held in Uxbridge from Friday 6/25 through Monday 6/28. Because the Tigers will be playing in the 50/70 Division, they automatically advance to the Western Mass State Championship games in Milford starting July 9 regardless of how they do in Districts. This year the Tigers will be defending their Championship title, and new teams have been added to the District as regionally the Cal Ripken program continues to grow vs. Little League.

Stay tuned for game updates starting tomorrow. Go Tigers!


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