Go Ahead, Ask A Pink Hat

Warning: The following audio is dangerously funny and may cause you to hurt yourself laughing.

Toucher & Rich, “Ask A Pink Hat”

Here is some hilarious woman-on-the-street audio from members of Red Sox Nation’s “Pink Hats.” For those not already in the know, the “Pink Hats” refers to female Red Sox fans of the “camp-follower” variety who act like groupies and sport the designer team sportswear that current team ownership is fond of marketing. Usually young, attractive and of mating age, they can be found frequenting the watering holes on Lansdowne Street and are prominently featured in the wide-angle camera shots of the stands on TV broadcasts.

A general rule is this: the hotter the weather, the hotter the Pink Hats in the stands. The emergence of Pink Hats as a species can be dated to 2004 when the Red Sox won their first World Series in more than 80 years and became fashionable to follow.

NOT to be confused with Pink Hats are the honest women of Red Sox Nation who actually love and understand the game of baseball, closely follow the fortunes and misfortunes of their team, and generally wear authentic team gear at least to the Cathedral at Fenway. These are the women who faithfully visited the graves of their fathers and grandfathers after the 2004 World Series to leave bittersweet mementos of love and joy. These are also the women who are great Baseball Moms.

All credits to the Toucher & Rich Show on Sports Hub 98.5 in Boston for this classic bit. Check out the link for more great stuff from these guys and the other teams on the station.


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