Bullpen Session #3: Knee Kick Drill


To teach pitchers to stay tall during their pitching motion, practice the following knee kick drill:  

  • The coach should stand to the side of the pitcher but near enough that
    they can touch with the coach’s arms extended.
  • The pitcher should take his balance position, with the knee kicked in the air.
  • The coach measures where he wants the knee to end up at its highest point and holds his hand there to measure.
  • Then, without a ball, the pitcher goes through his pitching motion, making sure to kick the coach’s hand with the top of his knee at his highest point in the kick.

If the pitcher is consistently not kicking the coach’s hand, he needs to work to stay tall during the entire motion. Crumpling down together will keep the pitcher from putting his whole momentum into the pitch.

Good Luck & Play Ball!


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