Bullpen Sessions #2: Youth Pitcher’s Pre-Game Routine

Here is the second installment of Bullpen Sessions, offering easy pitching drills, tips & techniques designed to help coaches and Baseball Dads assist in the development of youth baseball pitchers. 

Youth Pitcher’s Pre-Game Routine

Particularly for young, developing pitchers, bullpen sessions should be supervised by a coach or knowledgeable parent in order to ensure that both the pitcher and catcher stay focused and working towards the goal of proper mental and physical preparation.

Preparing to pitch a baseball game should begin and end with positive visualization. A thorough but quick and focused pre-game routine requires complete body stretching along with being prepared to throw all your pitches to location from both the full wind-up and stretch.

  1. Start with complete dynamic warm-up routine and stretches
  2. Bullpen Session: Total of 25-35 pitches in 10 minutes
  • Throw 10-15 warm-up pitches, starting at 50% effort. Locate the fastball on both sides of the plate. Throw from both the full wind-up and stretch using a full leg kick. Focus on proper body mechanics.
  • Throw 5 sets of each of your pitches (fastball, changeup, cutter). Work at 75% effort, using both the full wind-up and stretch (alternate by set).
  • Strike 1 hitter out. Work at 90-100% effort with the catcher setting up location.
  • Know your signs with the catcher.

Good Luck & Play Ball!


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