Pitcher’s Game-Day Warm-Up Routine

How you prepare on game day can have a BIG impact on the outcome of your performance. Here’s a warm-up routine that works well for competitive youth baseball players:

  1. Arrive at ball park about 1 hour before game time.
  2. About 45 minutes before the game, begin a dynamic stretching routine.
  3. Throwing starts on flat ground in outfield with a program consisting of light tosses working back to long tosses at distance of mid-outfield to the foul line.
  4. Throwing moves to the bullpen. Bullpen routine starts in the full windup and consists of locating the fastball to both sides of the plate, throwing the change up, and then some breaking balls (cut fast-balls ONLY for those under 15-16 years old).
  5. Take a quick 3-minute break.
  6. Repeat the bullpen routine the same as before, but throw from the stretch.
  7. Finish with a few pitch-outs, some pick-off moves, and a fastball.

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