Well Isn’t That Special: Manny Being Manny Redux

Manny Ramirez

Having been a member of Red Sox Nation before such a thing was ever a marketing gimmick, I can say that I’ve seen and heard just about enough of Manny Ramirez over the years. “Idiot savant” is what crosses my mind, even if that isn’t politically correct nowadays.

For those who haven’t heard the latest, Manny’s latest pronouncement regarding his current tenure with the LA Dodgers is as follows:

“I know I’m not going to be here next year.”

Nice. Guess who brought the predictable black cloud to Spring training with the rest of their baggage? Well, nothing like urinating on your birthday cake just for show, Manny. Too bad the folks in LA bought your whole dreadlocked, “what, me worry?” style, baggy uniform and goofy jazz from the beginning. Didn’t hurt that you actually managed to PLAY the game immediately after being shipped to the Left Coast from Boston, if only just to stick it in the eye of everyone from Boston who helped you to become the sensation that you apparently still think you are. Last year, you really weren’t all that. Now, you’re just being what everyone in Boston was trying to tell everyone in LA two seasons ago.

The short story is that Manny’s contract expires after this season, and he’s got it figured out this way: 1) If Manny sucks, LA won’t want him back, period. 2) If Manny is awesome, LA won’t be able to afford him. He has also thrown the possibility of “Retirement” out there like an empty beer cup in deep left field, just to see who’s paying attention.

Ned Colletti isn’t too impressed with this nonsense, and no one else in LA should be, either. Especially when Spring Training has only just started. Demand nothing less than that the Dreadlocked One move his ass around the bases like his hair’s on fire and make EVERY play and plate appearance like it’s his last. ALL SEASON. Then we’ll stand in judgment on Manny Ramirez as a true Dirt Dog player and see what he deserves, not the other way around.

Nuf Ced.


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