Developing Speed #3 by Roger White

Things Learned from an NFL speed coach…

I became a speed coach almost by accident. I had an interest in exercise as a young kid and loved playing sports. I became addicted to speed and began to get books and videos on the subject. From the early beginnings, I increased my knowledge and then put it into practice. In college, I began training a college basketball player. I learned a lot of lessons then. I heard the quote to be successful, find someone who has the results you want and find out what they do. That is exactly what I did. I found one early on. He is the off-season speed coach for an NFL team. From him I learned a lot of interesting theories and concepts involving speed and sport performance.

Things Learned from an Olympic sprint coach…

 This coach had a group of 30 teenage kids from one city and 8 become world class sprinters, reaching the Olympics. How many coaches do you know have done this? This coach has had a large influence on my training programs. In fact, Part #1 of this article series was a result of his influence. One of his teachings is to put athletes into the correct position without coaching them to do so.

Powerful Speed & Acceleration Exercise #5: Medicine Ball Throws

One way to do this is medicine ball throws. Medicine ball throws provide athletes with the ability to improve explosiveness and first step quickness. I recommend younger kids perform 10-30 throws a workout using a 4-6 lb. ball, while older kids will perform as many as 30-50 throws using an 8-12 lb. ball.

Simply by knowing and applying these little-known Powerful Exercises you’ll be 99% ahead of any competitor. Here’s to your success!

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This series is reproduced with permission by Roger White M. Ed., C.S.C.S.  For more information on developing athletic speed please visit


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