Mo’ Moneyball…

Boston Red Sox Tickets Now Cost More Than Ever…

The Boston Herald today announced that the Boston Red Sox organization has once again raised prices on the some of the most expensive tickets in Major League Baseball for the 2010 Season.

 Overall the increase in prices amounts to 3.8%, which according to Red Sox President/CEO Larry Lucchino is the “second lowest average percentage price increase over the past 15 seasons with the exception of last season when we implemented a price freeze across the board for all categories.” Another laugher is the quote “We are fortunate that Red Sox Nation invests in this team year after year…”

Well, call me underwhelmed at the news. I certainly didn’t get a 3.8% cost-of-living raise this year, did you? Remember, the Red Sox already had the second-highest ticket price in MLB in 2009: $50.24 compared to the New York Yankees’ $72.97, and at least the Yankees played their way through the ALCS and earned the World Series this year.

To me, paying for a ticket to an entertainment venue is nothing like an “investment,” although apparently it is more like one now since taking out a second mortgage is obviously  necessary if you are a member of the Nation’s unwashed multitudes. To put this in perspective, the $130 field box seat cost just $30 back in 1999, and the seats on the left-field wall now cost $165 for one ticket/one game.

Guess 3 three things are still certain to always defy both the laws of gravity and economics:

  • Taxes
  • Insurance Costs
  • Boston Red Sox Ticket Prices

The minor league PawSox and Spinners are still the best take for the buck any day.


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