Developing Speed #1 by Roger White

Now that it is the off-season and time to focus on building core strength, agility and conditioning, here is the first in a series of brief guest articles by Roger White on developing speed and acceleration for youth athletes.

Powerful Speed & Acceleration Exercise #1: Resisted Sprints

One of my favorite exercises for improving speed in athletes of any age is resisted sprints. Resisted sprints can come from using a tire, weighted sled, or running up an inclined hill or flight of stairs. This is crucial for improving leg strenth specific to sprinting faster. In fact, that is one of the keys to improving speed: Getting stronger.

  • Sprint 5 times for a distance of 10-20 yards as fast as possible. Rest about 2 minutes between sprints. This is absolutely critical! In fact, I cannot stress this enough, but let’s continue with the next powerful exercise.

Powerful Speed & Acceleration Exercise #2: Push-Up Sprints

To continue getting stronger specifically for speed, the next exercise is push-up sprints.

  • Lie in a push-up position and sprint out of it. 5 sprints of 10-20 yards. Rest 1-2 minutes after each.

Just by using these first two powerful exercises you will be way ahead of any of the competitors.

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This series is reproduced with permission by Roger White M. Ed., C.S.C.S.  For more information on developing athletic speed please visit

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