Giants Fall to Rangers 15-5

OK, so in keeping solidarity with the Boston Red Sox being handed their hats by the Angels, the Giants played just as well tonight against the Rangers in a game where the Giants managed to register only 3 hits from both Matt L.’s and Ian P. while sponsoring a walk-a-thon from the mound during the second half of the game. Nuf Ced.

2 outstanding moments of play by the Giants are worthy of mention: Matt L. started the game on the mound and collected 6 strike-outs in 2 1/3 innings before retiring due to a sprained finger which he had suffered last night while catching behind the plate when he was struck in his throwing hand by a bat’s late backswing. The second batter he felled was Matt’s 400th Career K, which is a milestone for a youth baseball player by any measure. Matt also recorded his 150th Career RBI during the game. The other golden moment was an inside-the-park homerun by the other Matt L. which was one of the Giant’s 3 hits of the night. Congratulations to both Matts on jobs well done!

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