Great Gear #2: “Baseball Memories” Statistics Software

If you are an involved baseball parent or coach and have been looking for inexpensive, easy-to-use baseball statistics software, then check out my Great Gear Recommendation #2: “Baseball Memories” statistics software. This is a fantastic, fun and simple application that lets serious players, parents and coaches track individual player or team statistics and more without breaking the bank.

Some folks who know me think I’m obsessed, but from the time my son Matt played baseball in Rookie League I wanted to keep his statistics both as a way to measure his progress over the years and also to help him learn the game (its hilarious to see him knowledgably compare his stats at 12 years old to Big Leaguers either on baseball cards or on TV). After first building my own worksheets and formulas in Microsoft Excel, I discovered this product and have used it ever since (4 years and counting).

Unlike many other statistics tracking applications which can be costly and are primarily designed for coach or league use, Baseball Memories is software specifically designed for baseball and/or softball players to track personal statistics for a game, season and over their entire career. However, it can also be used by coaches to track statistics at the team or league level. The software allows multiple users to enter as many games, seasons and teams as desired, even allowing calibration of 6 or 9-inning games and whether ties are permitted. A comprehensive set of hitting and pitching statistics can be entered for each game and are automatically summarized for both Season and Career.

Additional features include a Photo Gallery which supports many image formats; a Journal which includes spellcheck with a full range of fonts & type sizes; and a Spray Chart which permits users to plot hit locations per game to build a whole season view. The software also provides for the printing of multiple pre-formatted reports and game schedules.

Baseball Memories requires an Operating System of Windows 95 or higher and is also Vista-compatible. Trust me when I say it is a lot of fun to use without any headaches. Also, no rocket science is involved. It is available from the folks at LazyDog Software for an economical $20 via Internet download or $30 if you get the CD. The cost also includes free lifetime upgrades. Should you need it, the User Support is both prompt, helpful AND responsive (and they’re American too).

Follow this link for more information including screen-shots, to access a trial version or to buy your own copy:


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