Thoughts on Fall Ball

Now that the Fall Ball Season is underway, here are some thoughts From the Clubhouse:

All Fall Ball players should embrace the opportunity to have an extension of their season. It’s a great time to establish goals that will carry over into the off-season and set the stage for better play in the Spring.

Have Fall Goals

Each player should focus by deciding on 2 aspects of their game to really improve on. One goal should be for hitting and another should be for defensive fielding or pitching. Players without goals are just sweating to no purpose.

For Fall Ball Hitters

Improve your bunting skills. Fall is a great time to learn how and when to bunt, so you’re ready to put lessons learned into action during the competitive Spring season. Also train yourself to look for signs and observe the third baseman’s position. Learn to target your bunts down the third base line when he is playing back.

For Fall Ball Pitchers

Here are three Rules of Pitching to work on now:

  • Work fast
  • Change speeds
  • Throw strikes

If you get ahead of the batter early in the count, you have already learned how to strike him out. Save your “out” pitch until two strikes and set up the batter in the meantime. Exception: If the hitter can’t touch your fast ball, keep throwing it until he catches up in the count.

For Fall Ball Coaches

Write down exactly how and what areas you would like your team to improve in during the Fall season. Then plan your practice time accordingly. Plan your work, then work your plan. Some ideas should include training power pitchers to close games using heat and challenging hitters. Improve speed of play including baserunning by using a stopwatch and ALWAYS giving your players positive feedback.

Have fun & Play Ball!


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