Angels clinch winning season vs. Westford 14-6

The Littleton 12U Angels wrapped up their winning 9-1 season with a final victory while visiting against Westford’s more competitive team 14-6. Unfortunately, the game was marked by several incidents of poor sportsmanship on the part of the host team, coaches and fans, but the Angels prevailed through adversity that included the use of an illegal 2 5/8″ big-barrel bat without penalty and also inconsistent umpiring behind the plate that decidedly gave new meaning to the term “home field advantage.” It may have been Machiavelli who once said the best revenge is living well, but tonight the Angels learned that the best revenge is beating a team of poor sports in their own house. Nuf Ced!

Mike W. pitched the first 3 innings, holding Westford to only 1 run while while striking out 6 batters. Joey D. then relieved in the 4th inning and battled the top of the Westford batting order with his brother Adam as battery-mate behind the plate, holding Westford to only 3 additional runs to tie the game before Matt L. took over to close the last 2 innings. Matt had to battle the inexperienced and inconsistent youth umpire behind the plate as much as the Westford batters, but managed to keep the door closed with 4 K’s while allowing only 2 additional runs for a game-ending total of 6. Following an inspiring mound visit worthy of Henry V that featured the liberal use of some choice 4-letter words by yours truly which accurately depicted the situation of the enemy and lightened the mood of the boys, an unbelievable 3-2-3 double-play was made by Mike W. at 1st base and Jared W. at the plate to wrap up the defense with bases loaded and serve a nice hot cup of “shut up” to the trash-talkers on the Westford side. Nice.

On offense, the Angels had given the Westford peanut gallery something to murmur about by establishing a 4-1 lead in the 4th inning. After Westford tied the game, Littleton came back again with 4 additional runs in the 5th inning and 6 more in the 6th inning to assert their dominance. Jared W. was the big hitter of the game with 2 singles, 1 double and 3 runs scored. Joey D. hit a single and triple, scoring twice. Mike W. hit a 2-RBI single, Nick L. hit a single and double, scoring twice. Mikey P. hit a single and scored as did Timmy C. who had his first at-bat of the season after finally getting rid of his leg cast. Timmy hit a RBI-single but pulled a leg muscle while running up the baseline and pogo-ed his way safely onto base. Tucker who was his pinch runner scored. Derek M. also hit 2 singles and a double, scoring 3 times.

An incredible team effort all around with big hits and runs scored all across the batting order!

For many of these boys who have turned 13 this season, this game was the last they will play on the small 46/60 diamond. Next year if they move up to Babe Ruth they will be playing on the 60/90 diamond which is a whole different experience.

A very touching moment occurred when all the boys and coaches signed a baseball to be placed at the grave of Herb Wing who remains with us in spirit as our Angel in the Outfield (see the prior post Another Angel in the Outfield). I am sure Herb is proud of his son Mike and continues to watch him play.

Stay tuned for the Fall Majors wood bat season which will begin shortly after school starts in September…

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