Littleton Falls to Groton in 6-5 Nail-biter

The first game of Littleton’s round in the Cal Ripken Western Mass. State Tournament was an absolute nail-biter. The lead changed hands twice after Groton scored in the 1st inning matched by a Littleton run in the 2nd. Then a very scary moment occurred when Matt L. was beaned with a high fastball to the head but still managed to take his base after officials determined that no serious concussion was involved. Groton took the lead with another run in the 3rd, but Littleton took it back with 3 more runs in the 5th. In the 6th inning Groton scored 4 additional runs to establish a solid lead 6-4 before Littleton had their last at-bats. After scoring a key run on Groton throwing errors, Littleton remained within striking distance of a come-back win with 2 outs and 2 men in scoring position. Matt L. then drove a screaming shot to the center-field fence in what looked to be a clutch walk-off double, but was robbed at the last second by a terrific center-field play to save the game for Groton.

It was a tough loss, but what a way to go! The game-saving hit vs. the game-saving catch in the deep outfield: A beautiful and classic baseball moment regardless of the outcome. Matt L. was also named Littleton’s MVP for showing the Moxie to still play 1st base all game, hit .667, steal 2 bases and collect 1 RBI after having his bell rung. Now THAT’s baseball that builds character.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s double-header action…


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