Angels fall to Acton-Boxboro 17-6

The Angels lost a tough game to an older & more experienced A-B team tonight, but the boys never gave up and kept fighting back through the last inning. David P., Jarod W., Mikey P. and Joey D. all pitched well against experienced hitters who worked the counts and took advantage of well-placed pitches. The volume of 20 Acton hits which included 7 doubles and 2 triples shows that even though this is Summerball, pitchers need to both throw strikes and throw hard when competing against players who are 11 and 12 years old with skills and experience. Also, everyone needs to be heads-up on the field at all times both to be ready to make the play and to protect oneself. Jarod W. got the Angels offense started in the 1st inning with a single and was moved around by Matt on another single to score the first run of the game. In the 3rd inning the bats came alive with Matt L.,Mikey P. and Devin F. all getting base hits. David P. did the real damage with a triple followed by stealing home for the 2nd run. The Angels defense was outstanding with a 5-4 double play involving David P. and Jarod W. In the 5th inning both Robert C. and Andrew W. drew walks and were moved over by Jarod W. with another single. Then Joey D. was the 1-man wrecking crew, smoking a 3-RBI double followed by stealing 3rd base and then home for a total of 4 runs! Even though it wasn’t enough to turn the game around, it was a real dirt-dog rally. The boys should all be proud of how they played. In the end it’s not whether you win but how you play that really makes the difference.

Stay tuned for Tuesday Night Baseball!


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