Red Wings Fall to Rockies 7-6

OK, it’s been awhile since I posted a season update. To begin with, the Red Wings schedule was front-loaded with games during the season, leaving a 2-week hiatus near the end of the season that hurt the momentum of the team when they did retake the field. The Red Wings split a loss and a win over the past week including one game that went for 8 innings. Tonight the Red Wings lost in the bottom of the 6th inning to a walk-off RBI double after leading all game. Matt L. got the offense started with a 2-RBI double followed by another 2-RBI single and a rocket to Center Field stolen from him at the wall which drove in another pair of runs to put 6 on the board. Good pitching by Jon, Cole and Nick anchored by Matt behind the plate kept the Rockies on their heels until the end of the game. A great web-gem was turned by Luke at 3rd who made a 1-man double-play in catching a line drive and also tagging a runner. Now the Red Wings are tied for 4th place going into the playoffs.

Stay tuned for playoff action starting this weekend…


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