Red Wings Fall to Dodgers 7-5

The Red Wings fell to the Groton Dodgers 7-5 after the Dodgers opened an early 4-run lead in the 1st inning and then added 3 more in the 2nd. The top of the Dodgers batting order was hitting the ball well throughout the game. Christian pitched for the Red Wings in the first two innings with Matt behind the plate and earned 4 strikeouts the hard way. Jon pitched the remainder of the game anchored by Matt and Connor, earning 3 strikeouts in 3 innings of work and making several key 1-3 defensive plays to shut down the Dodgers from scoring any additional runs. Jon started the Red Wings rally with a single followed by Matt driving a smoking 2-RBI line drive into Center in the top of the 2nd inning. Nick L. hit an RBI double and then stole home on a passed ball, followed by Will who hit another RBI single to bring the score to 5 runs in the top of the 4th. With a key pitching change the Dodgers closed the door in the 5th. A great come-back effort. Never give up, never give in. The next game is Tuesday 5/2, stay tuned…

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