Down But Not Out, Part 2

Well, to add insult to injury the local Boston news reports today that the South Lawrence Little League which was victimized by the theft of $1,500 in baseball equipment just before Opening Day has again been set back with two more break-ins involving both larceny and vandalism.

When the original theft was made public, many donations of equipment came in and the storage shed was relocated from the South Lawrence East Elementary School to the Little League complex. The hope was that the additional fencing would deter thieves, but on Wednesday they were back, tagging the shed itself with gang-related graffiti and making off with more baseballs, gloves and concessions including drinks, snacks, candy and gum.

At this point the Lawrence Police are confident they are dealing with different groups of juveniles who are possibly affiliated with gangs, and the investigation is ongoing.

David Rhode, executive director of Pitch In For Baseball which donates over 30,000 pieces of equipment to needy baseball programs each year had this to say:

Baseball is a pure, American game, and somebody out there dosen’t understand that feeling. It’s pretty sad, but we’re not going to let them get in the way of letting the kids play.

‘Nuf Ced!


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