Preparing for Try-outs: On The Day

OK, so now it’s the Big Day. Show-time. Here’s what to do to make the most of it:

  • Wake-up Early: Get a good breakfast and early walk or jog to get yourself in a positive frame of mind.
  • Arrive Early: Be there at least 1/2 hour before you were told to, even earlier if possible. This will help you get comfortable before all the other players arrive. Believe that you “own” the place! Use this time to workout and warm up. Do your stretches. Going on the field cold lowers your chances of performing well. It is natural to feel nervous, but fight the nerves by having confidence that you are ready to play. Think of the tryout as just another game, even if it’s the first one of the season.
  • Do a Field Check: Check to see where bad hops might happen or your cleats could trip you up. Be familiar with the distance from the baseline to the fence and whether there’s a warning track in the outfield. Judge the running steps and sliding distance you have to work with. You should do this before every game during the season.
  • Remember Mechanics: Don’t freeze. Keep your footwork measured, your swing efficient, throw with full extension, pitch with complete follow-through.
  • Prepare to Wait: Remember that the try-out process takes time with many players all going through the same process. Use your “down” time while waiting to think about what is required at each station and how you are going to approach it. ZONE IN, not OUT.
  • All or Nothing: If the try-out process goes on for more than one day, it is even MORE necessary to make a good impression right away and at every opportunity. Don’t push too hard, but take the opportunities to do everything you’ve trained to do as well as you can do it.  ENJOY YOURSELF. Coaches can tell whether you love what you’re doing or just going through the motions.

Good Luck and Play Ball!


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