Preparing for Try-outs: 1 Day Before

The thing to remember about try-outs and evaluations is that they are for the coaches, not the players. They help identify specific player talents and attitudes that help coaches to choose the team they want, whether it is for a recreational league or All-Star competition.

The day before try-outs, players should do the following to help make the most of it:

  • Eat Right: Energy taken in on the day before is what will power you through tomorrow. Don’t worry about loading up on carbs. Instead, stay away from empty calories (junk foods) and be sure to eat a balanced diet including greens which contain chlorophyl (good for the lungs).
  • Think like a Scout: Understand what the coaches are looking for, and what you hope to achieve. Be sure to review your attitude and amp up your level of enthusiasm. Coaches like to see HUSTLE, and it can make up for a lack of skill.
  • Relax: Practice relaxation techniques, chill out, listen to positive influences.
  • Final Mechanical Check-up: Make sure one last time that all your gear is in good working condition. Make sure the glove is ready and that your shoes fit. Check your glove’s webbing, cleats (if outdoors), cup shorts, batting gloves, etc. All these things should be done every week during the season rather than on game day itself. Remember, no excuses.
  • Lay out your Try-out Clothes: Make sure you are comfortable on the day, but also remember that you play as you practice so don’t make the mistake of showing up in shorts if you are expected to slide into base. LOOK like a ballplayer, not like someone who just blew in from anywhere else. First impressions may not always be fair, but they are lasting. Coaches like players who look like they care about their appearance because it reflects on how they approach the game. Kids who look sloppy usually play sloppy also. If you are superstitious, make sure you have THE magic socks, shirt and pants and that they still fit.
  • Do Something Fun: Take your mind off tomorrow. Don’t think or worry about baseball, don’t go to the batting cage or work out. REST, RELAX and GET SOME SLEEP!

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