Game Updates 10/10-10/11

The Cubs again won their games this weekend, clinching both in the last inning with incredible come-from-behind victories.  Never give up, never give in!

Friday 10/10: Cubs climb over Rockies 12-11

No write-up on this one since I had to miss it due to work and the Columbus Day weekend has kept us busy, but “Nuf Ced.”

Saturday 10/11: Cubs clip wings of Angels 10-9

Great game with Bobby pitching 3 innings, earning 7 strike-outs while giving up 7 hits including one triple. Eric closed out the last 3 innings with 8 strike-outs. Once again the Cubs bats kept the game interesting with Bobby scoring 3 runs, Kile, Eric & Raghav scoring 2 runs each and Matt scoring 1 run. The heavy artillery rained doubles on the Angels with Bobby and Eric clubbing 2 apiece. and both Lucas and Raghav also taking extra bases. Kile, Matt & Robert each contributed clutch singles to the mix & pulled out the victory in the 6th inning.


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