Game Updates 9/20-9/21

Another exciting weekend! The Cubs lost a close game on Saturday and we beat an undefeated team on Sunday. Glad to see a lot of smiles on the kids faces on both days of the weekend, which is the most important thing of all.

Saturday 9/20: Cubs Lose to Nationals 6-3

The Cubs lost to the Nationals in a game that proves good pitching beats good hitting in wood bat play at this level. Matt hit 2 for 2 and Bobby hit 2 for 3 with singles. Kile and Eric also got hits and moved runners over. Matt was basepath pirate of the night with 5 stolen bases.

Sunday 9/12: Cubs Hook Marlins 8-3

Great game. The Marlins are no longer undefeated! Great pitching and our bats came alive. Madhav and Raghav both got their first hits. Bennett is coming around as well with some good at bats, making good contact and fighting for the walk. This was the night for Matt to finally break a bat. Bobby earned the win with great pitching and 8 strikeouts over 4 innings while Matt closed out the save with 4 strikeouts over 2 innings.

We were rained out last weekend and have games both Saturday and Sunday coming up. Stay tuned…


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