Game Updates 9/12-9/14

Wood bats very definitely change the nature of the game. Somehow it has a more classic feel and helps the kids focus on the fundamentals of both hitting and fielding since more frequent grounders challenge the players to constantly execute. Errors are costly and make all the difference in the box score. Also the games are very close and far more competitive since even the best hitters are challenged by wood bats.

We’ve seen a broken bat in each game so far, one was MLB-style spectacular where the bat burst apart & a section of the barrel went flying through the infield (bet the crowd favoring the banning of non-wood bats have never seen that in person).

Here are the Season’s results so far:

Friday 9/12: Rangers lasso Cubs 7-4

What a great game and a real good start to the season! The Cubs played a very competitive game against the Rangers in a steady rain, ultimately losing 7 – 4 after the lead changed hands twice. The Rangers are a strong team that had already recorded 1 win by a margin of over 12 runs.  The Cubs kept them in check until the late innings. Bobby pitched great over 4 innings while the pitching conditions were far from ideal, requiring multiple treatments of Speedi-Dri to keep the mound from being a total mud pile.  Ben O, Thomas & Matt were 2 for 2 on reaching base.  Bobby, Jonathan, Eric & Matt all had hits.   Great job on the field and behind the plate!

Saturday 9/13: Cubs steal win from Pirates 12-11

An unbelievable game where the Cubs stole the game from the Pirates in the bottom of the 6th inning with an amazing 4-run rally to clinch the win after trailing the entire game. Matt pitched well over 3.3 innings despite a sore wrist, striking out 7 and allowing only 3 hits. The entire line-up went for hits during the game, with Bobby clubbing an inside-park home run and Matt drilling a line-drive double. Matt also stole home in a key momentum-changing play. Lesson of the Day: NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER GIVE IN!

Sunday 9/14: Braves defeat Cubs 4-3

A very close and well-matched game throughout. The Cubs started off a quick lead of 2-0 in the first inning thanks to the efforts of Bobby, Matt & Eric at the top of the order. Bobby hit a triple, driven in by Matt with an RBI single. Eric then drove in Matt with an RBI double. SMOKIN! The Braves came back and capitalized on errors and opportunities through the rest of the game to take the lead and hold onto it. The Cubs bats stayed alive, but it wasn’t quite enough to finish the job. Eric and Jonathan both clubbed doubles while Lucas and Kile hit singles. Jonathan was starting pitcher and struck out 3 over 2.6 innings while Raghav struck out 2 over 2.3 innings in relief.


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