Make the Call #1

Are you ready to be an Umpire? Make the Call is a regular opportunity to test your baseball knowlege based on real game situations. During breaks in practice I will throw one of these type questions out to the kids to exercise their minds and keep their heads in the game. Let’s take the field and play with these five brain teasers!

1. Pitcher delivers the ball, batter hits a line drive back at the pitcher and the ball bounces off the mound and directly into the first base dugout. Fair ball or foul?

2. The bases are loaded and there are no outs. A ball is hit straight up and the fielding team manages to get three outs without touching the ball. How do they do it?

3. A fly ball is hit to the outfield where both the right fielder and center fielder can catch it. True or False: Neither player should call for the ball until they decide who should take it.

4. A ball is popped up into shallow left center field and it can be caught by either the shortstop or the left fielder. Who should catch it:

  • A. The shortstop
  • B. Either player can
  • C. The left fielder
  • D. It depends on the game situation

5. A ground ball into the outfield is bobbled by the fielder and is laying off to his side. True or False: The fielder should pick up the ball with his glove because his glove is bigger than his bare hand.

If you dare, send in Comments with your answers and they’ll be published. Otherwise, read the next installment to check your stats!


2 thoughts on “Make the Call #1

  1. 1. Once the pitcher touches ball in fair territory, it’s a fair ball. Umpire discretion on baserunner placement, although probably batter to 2b.

    2. Can only guess. Batter out on infield fly. Can only surmise that runners from 1st and 2nd passed runner on 3rd who held his position, as baserunners advance at their own risk on infield fly rule.

    3. RF should always yield to the CF if both call for it.

    4. LF should always catch it as he is headed in rather than back.

    5. An iffy one. Generally pick up with whichever hand is closer (glove or hand), although easier to pick up with glove, yet easier to make a throw w/o a transition from glove to hand.

  2. 1. Foul ball. It did not pass 1st or 3rd base in fair territory.

    2. Infield fly causes first out. Batted ball hits a runner on the way down. Of the two runners left, the one behind the other happens to pass the one in front. Triple play, team gets ice cream.

    3. False. Centerfielder takes all he can get.

    4. C, the left fielder. Unless the left fielder has to dive to make the play.

    5. False. Glove is only used to transition the ball into the hand. Because the ball is at a stopped position, fielder should use bare hand.

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