The Mental Aspect: Commitment

The Mental Aspect is key to being successful at baseball/softball and is all about FOCUS and COMMITMENT to The Game, yourself and your team.

Concentration helps avoid mental mistakes, which in turn prevents actual errors in play. Knowing how to be in the right spot at the right time is essential for anyone who hopes to be an “impact” player, one who makes the difference on every play as well as in the clutch. When considering the mental aspect, players must first understand the factors they can’t control vs. the ones they can:


  1. Umpires
  2. Luck


  1. Effort: How hard to you try? Give 110% every minute.
  2. Dedication: Do you make every practice?
  3. Concentration: Is your head “in the game” at all times?
  4. Enthusiasm: Are you constantly cheering for your teammates?
  5. Intensity: Do you practice to win? You only play in a game like you practice.
  6. Composure: Do you keep your cool under pressure? Maintain your poise and don’t let ’em see you sweat or you are already mentally defeated.

Remember that player effort is always #1 because this also has to do with how you attack life itself. If you only give 90%, you are already preparing to fail and be a loser. If you always give 110%, you are planning to succeed and be a winner. Actual winning or losing in competition is #2: It’s in how you play, not whether you win that determines your character and commitment.

The truth about sports in general whether at the recreational or All-Star level is that coaches play their “favorites”: Those that play their hardest, give their best, make the most effort and are the most enthusiastic.

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