Favorite Baseball Movies

It seems to me that any good baseball movie needs to have some key elements like the realization of The Dream, a reconnection of fathers and sons, triumph over adversity and the truth that the most important game of all is Life itself. I feel a good baseball movie as much as see it; if I get choked up, it hit home.

Following is a list of my own favorite baseball movies in no particular order:

1. Field of Dreams

2. The Rookie

3. The Final Season

4. The Natural

5. The Sandlot (the first one, NOT the sequel)

6. Rookie of the Year

7. Angels in the Outfield

8. Eight Men Out

9. A League Of Their Own

No doubt there are others, please drop a line and add yours to the list!


2 thoughts on “Favorite Baseball Movies

  1. I just finished watching 8 Men Out last night. Good movie, not great, but seemingly historically accurate. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I do think its high time that MLB admits there was no evidence Joe Jackson was on the take and threw games and considers his induction into the Hall.

    Thanks for the reading my post about the little league situation they have in CT.

  2. Good list. I’d definitely add Bull Durham. Having an adopted son who loves and is gifted @ sports we have pretty much all those “orphan kid is good @ sports and gets adopted movies — “Like Mike,” “Snow Dogs,” “Angels in the Outfield.” Our fave is definitely Angels. The only downside? Our other son (who started watching it @ a very impressionable age) has grown up to be an Angels fan — instead of Red Sox fan. 😦

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